WBOQ reach in to Boston

Aaron Read readaaron@friedbagels.com
Mon Jun 19 12:09:06 EDT 2006

WBOQ would have a halfway decent Boston reach (at least in car radios) 
if it weren't for WRBB at Northeastern University.

Of course, WRBB is not going to go anywhere anytime soon...Northeastern 
has invested a fair amount in the studios there recently, and the 
students love having their own station.

That said, the students, and NEU, are under no illusions that their 
signal is terrible.  It's smacked around by WBOQ, WWLI and even WXLO (to 
some degree) and really smacked down by all the blanketing interference 
from the Pru.

WRBB certainly wouldn't mind moving to a better frequency if the cost to 
them wasn't outrageous.  Personally if there was such a thing as a 
small, relatively cheap 24/7 AM station for sale in Boston, it'd 
probably be perfect for them.  Get away from that blanketing issue anyways.

Or actually what might be a realistic plan, would be for WBOQ to pay for 
WRBB to rent exclusive use of a Pru FM's HD-2 multicast channel, with 
the understanding that within X years (say 5 years...that's enough for 
HD radios to start getting on the market) that WRBB will abandon 104.9 
and shut it down, so WBOQ can then get into Boston.

Or, I wonder if WFNX would particularly mind if WRBB moved to 101.3FM? 
Obviously that's not a great frequency for WRBB - it's still got 
blanketing problems and there's a strong second adjacent.  But it can't 
be worse than 104.9 is.


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