Radio Derry (NH) 1700 AM

John Bolduc
Sat Jun 10 00:42:07 EDT 2006

Based on my limited driving in town this evening before sunset, I the
station has at minimum a solid 1.25 miles range and a minimum barely
perceptible range of 2.5 miles. So it is possible the station is running
at 100mW with a very good or gray area antenna along with a decent site.
The audio sounds good and the loop sounds professional. They actually had
some up to date local news of interest to Derry residents.

I haven't pinned down a transmitter location, but I-93 at exit 4
Londonderry and most of downtown Derry is well covered. I'm 3.75 miles
from where I guessing the transmitter is listening on a Yaesu FRG-7
communications receiver and a decent antenna longwire antenna, and can't
hear the station at all.

John B

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