Radio Derry AM 1700
Sat Jun 10 13:19:52 EDT 2006

Hello all-

While not everyone jumps to conclusions, some are more then willing to without some fact finding.

Radio Derry uses a Hamilton Rangemaster FCC certified AM transmitter. I've set it up by the book, with a final output power of 100 mw into the antenna that it is certified with, a steel CB whip antenna from Radio Shack. 

There are no field strength limits with AM part 15 rules as long as all other technical specifications are observed. 

Obviously, I have no intention of serving the entire town with a city grade signal; however, my house is right outside of downtown, and threfore sends a nice signal into that area of town. The idea is simply to offer local event info with inexpensive ads for downtown businesses. Don't worry law-and-order types... I fully expect the field office visit, and welcome it. 

For the Quincy office, I'm usually home after 2pm weekdays, and will be happy to let you examine the entire operation. If anything is out-of-order, I'd rather know right up front and fix it.

As for the range, thanks John... I think you're about right. With an average car radio, I'm hoping for a listenable range of about 3/4 mile. I use an old refurbished CBS Volumax/ Audimax set up for processing with some equlization to mimic the NRSC pre-emphasis. 

And yes... we've actually gotten some interest in advertising. We'd like to get the word out some more first before 'selling' anyone on it though. No, I doubt much money will ever be made. Not the intention. Some fun part-time work that gets my family involved in community events would be great.

Thanks for the soap-box-

-Rick Ganley
Radio Derry AM 1700
#117 55 Crystal Avenue
Derry, NH 03038-1725 

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