WATD cut out by WCRI tonight in Somerville

Paul B. Currier paulcurrier@adelphia.net
Wed Jul 26 08:08:28 EDT 2006

And here in Sandwich this morning WOMR 92.1 Provincetown was being beaten by
CBC news for Nova Scotia.  91.9 WUMB was being overrun by classical w/
French spoken breaks.  In between the CBC news (92.5 probably) as 92.7 from
Martha's Vineyard was loud and clear was a French news or talk station.

Cape Cod
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> I was just listening to WATD 95.9 in Marshfield here in
> Somerville, and a skip from WCRI 95.9 Block Island, RI
> just came up, and has completely obliterated WATD with
> classical music.
> So much for tonight's "Wide World Of Blues" on WATD
> (I don't feel like streaming them on the computer).
> EP

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