WATD cut out by WCRI tonight in Somerville

Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Wed Jul 26 12:06:10 EDT 2006

>>I don't know what the rules are today for spacing of co-channel Class A FMs,
but I believe that the original rule was 65 miles--although I could be wrong
about that. When the spacing rules were originally established, I believe
Class As were limited to 1 kW at 250'. Today, a full Class A is allowed 6 kW
at 328', but I don't think the minimum spacing was increased when the
maximum power/HAAT were increased.<<
The current separation rule for A-to-A, co-channel, is 71 miles, except in the Canadian border area (82 miles), and the Mexican border area (62 miles).  The border areas are defined as any point less than 199 miles from the border with the US.
(Per 47 CFR §73.207)
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