Worcester's Channel 5 allocation (was Re: MyTV joins MyNetwork)

Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Sun Jul 23 22:17:30 EDT 2006

> Channel 5 as a Worcester allocation DID have an applicant, The Worcester Telegram and Gazette.  It was to be WTAG-TV.<<

During my years at WSRS, when Norman Knight owned it, I found the original blueprints for the building, and there, above the main front door, was the call sign WTAG-TV.  Some of the old-timers up there told me what happened:  The WT&G became convinced that TV would never amount to anything, so they abandoned any plans to build it.  They did the same thing with WTAG-FM (96.1), laboring under the same delusion, that FM wouldn't go anywhere.  They sold it to Norman Knight for almost nothing.

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