Worcester's Channel 5 allocation (was Re: MyTV joins MyNetwork)

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Mon Jul 24 09:46:22 EDT 2006

> Didn't 27 experiment with some sort of pay-tv system where the signal 
> was scrambled and you needed  a decoder at one point in the mid-late 
> 70s?  If you tried to watch without the decoder you got out-of-sync 
> video, and an audio track that was a pitch for the pay service.

That was a short-lived phenomenon.  Wasn't it called "Starz" or 
something like that?  If I recall, they were undecoded during the day 
part with syndie programming then went to decode later in the day.

On a separate note, I remember as an early teen I collected 16mm film 
(big surprise there).  At the time all of the local TV stations used 
16mm for commercials and PSA's.  I sent letters to all of the local TV 
stations asking for old commercials.  Most ignored me.  A few sent a 
couple of lame PSA's.  Channel 27 sent me a huge box of stuff.  Some of 
my favorites:

John Wayne PSA - "Beat Cancer - I did"
Firestone 500's - the safest thing between you and the road
Some kind of toaster from Panasonic that hermetically sealed in the 
toast as it was toasting resulting in "moist" toast. UGH.
Joe Garigiola (sp? - former baseball catcher) - Chef Boyardee spaghetti 
and meatballs.

I might actually still have some of the stuff somewhere.  Too much stuff 
over the years.

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