W1XAL shortwave station in Boston

Doug Drown revdoug1@verizon.net
Sat Jul 8 10:59:43 EDT 2006

I remember WRUL from years ago.

Your question, Joe, raises a larger one in my mind.  I've pretty much lost
track of the shortwave world in recent years; I know the VOA still exists
(despite the present Administration's desire to see it downsized, if not
eliminated), and I know the CBC still has a world service.  Other than that,
I have the impression that North American SW consists largely of religious
and ethnic programming.  Am I wrong?


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> On 8 Jul 2006 at 1:52, Donna Halper wrote:
> > Actually, when it first went on the air, it was at the University Club
> > on Commonwealth Ave in Boston, and had a working agreement with the
> > Christian Science Monitor newspaper to broadcast news and educational
> > programs all over the world.  Owner Walter S. Lemmon (who would later
> > put WGCH in Greenwhich CT on the air) was very committed to using
> > shortwave to teach tolerance and promote understanding between
> > cultures, and W1XAL was part of that commitment.  In its day, some
> > very important educators, scholars, statesmen, political figures,
> > linguists, and diplomats broadcast from the station.
> There was another shortwave station that I believe was located in
> Boston at one time called WRUL.  I believe it still existed in the
> early 1960s.  It eventually was sold and became WNYW -- Radio New
> York Worldwide -- and I actually heard it in that incarnation.  I
> don't know what happened to it after that.  Can Donna or anyone else
> fill us in on that one?
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