Joe Smith

Shaun Hayes
Thu Jul 6 13:20:45 EDT 2006

My earlier message on this topic seems to have gotten lost.

Joe Smith (aka "Jose") was indeed on WMEX (pre-WILD)
in the time slot later occupied by Arnie Ginsburg with Jerry Williams 
following at 10:00.
Ginsburg was, I believe, at WBOS at the time.

Also, Smith's tenure at 1260 overlapped the change in calls
from WVDA to WEZE.

The later WILD program ran Sunday thru Friday.
The Sunday program was all oldies except for one hour given over
to current R & B hits which were almost totally ignored on
Top 40 AM in Boston at the time. I wonder if the response
to that hour had anything to do with the later hiring of Jimmy "Early" Byrd
and Wild Man Steve Gallant and the start of the black-oriented format.

Shaun Hayes

>>From: "Paul B. Currier" <>
>Subject: Re: Joe Smith
>Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 07:45:01 -0400
>I'd have bet the barn that Joe was never on WMEX - still would.  Is the
>testimony oral or written, ie a typo perhaps?
>Does anyone on the BRI list actually recall hearing Joe on WMEX?
>The wise old Vermonter used to say to believe none of what you hear and 
>of what you see and you'll come out about right.
>  Cape Cod

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