Joe Smith

Donna Halper
Thu Jul 6 21:51:25 EDT 2006

And if you need more proof that Joe's career didn't start at WMEX (I can't 
believe we are still debating this...), I am looking directly at an ad from 
the Fitchburg Sentinel, 18 February 1957, and it says that Joe will be 
appearing as a guest d.j. at a rock show, starring the G-Clefs, Sabby 
Lewis, the Heartbeats, the Sophomores, and a bunch of other acts-- oh, and 
it says Joe is a "WVDA Star."  In February of 1957, WMEX was still doing 
middle-of-the-road and hadn't yet become a pop music station, no matter 
what google might state...  

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