No Sign Of Life On Sawmill Brook Parkway

Scott Fybush
Thu Jul 6 12:05:44 EDT 2006

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> I believe that Scott reported several weeks ago that trailers were on site
> to house some of the equipment from the building during renovations. I don't
> know whether he actually saw the trailers or was merely told of their
> presence, but your report seems to contradict his report--although I could
> be incorrectly remembering what he said.

I was told by Grady Moates (who engineers WUNR, among other clients) 
that trailers were going to be brought in. They were not on site when 
Garrett and I visited with Grady in March, and it seems pretty clear 
that they haven't been brought in since.

I wonder what the delay is?


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