No Sign Of Life On Sawmill Brook Parkway

Dan Strassberg
Thu Jul 6 11:42:36 EDT 2006

I believe that Scott reported several weeks ago that trailers were on site
to house some of the equipment from the building during renovations. I don't
know whether he actually saw the trailers or was merely told of their
presence, but your report seems to contradict his report--although I could
be incorrectly remembering what he said.

The building renovations sound umm, interesting. Supposedly, space inside
the building will be so tight that the one 50-kW and two 25-kW solid-state
transmitters were selected in part on the basis of small footprint.
(Earlier, Bob Bittner, who once worked at WUNR, told me that space in the
building should not be a problem, especially if there are to be no studios
on site.) Remember, the City of Newton has imposed very tight restrictions
on the project. The building cannot be enlarged! Anyhow, the reports of a
tight squeeze suggest that there is no room for an auxiliary generator or
auxiliary transmitters. However, a possible (albeit very expensive) way
around that problem might be to dig several sub-basements within the
building's existing footprint. However, with the demise of Charles River
Broadcasting, another possibility suggests itself. Build an auxiliary site
(at least for WKOX and WRCA; WUNR might decide to just take its chances) at
750 South St in Waltham. WRCA's two towers there should work reasonably well
as an auxiliary antenna system for WKOX and they obviously work for WRCA. If
I'm not mistaken, the address of the WUNR building is 750 SawMill Brook
Parkway, Newton. If I'm right, both sites have the same street number (a
curious but useless coincidence).

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> I'm taking a few days off this week and happened to be renting a
> car for my July IVth trip.  Since I had miles to kill on the vehicle
> when I got back, I decided to go down to the controversial
> tower site on Sawmill Brook Parkway in Newton's Oak Hill section.
> The somewhat impressive WUNR-AM 1600 towers are still there, but it
> appears that not a single blade of grass has been disturbed on the
> property itself.  Of course, I can't tell what manner of electronics may
> be in the process of being installed in the blockhouse, But apparently
> no tower-oriented construction has even begun yet.
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