WEIM Format Change

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Thu Feb 23 19:12:02 EST 2006

Mark Watson wrote:

>   I also read in the Fitchburg Sentinel-Enterprise recently that William 
> Macek purchased a 47 acre parcel of land adjacent to WEIM's transmitter 
> site on Alpine Hill Rd.for a price of $270,000 at an auction held by the 
> city of Fitchburg. The city seized the land for non-payment of back 
> taxes by the prior owner. Macek says he bought the land with hopes that 
> he can get FCC approval for an increase in WEIM's night power, which may 
> require adding one or more towers to the current 4 tower array already 
> there. WEIM currently operates with 5KW days and 1KW night, DA-2. 
> Although the article doesn't say, I'm guessing he will try for 5KW at 
> night. I would guess they would have to protect 1280's in Gardiner ME 
> and New York City, plus is there still a 50KW on 1280 in Canada, or is 
> that now dark?

Still there - when CJMS 1280 Montreal went dark, multilingual CFMB 1410 
moved down the dial and took over CJMS' old facilities.

I don't know how they'd manage to get much usable power on 1280 after 
dark. WADO's night signal out of NYC is huge since their power increase 
a decade or so ago.


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