WEIM Format Change

Mark Watson markwats@comcast.net
Thu Feb 23 19:04:58 EST 2006

   It appears that WEIM (1280 Fitchburg) has changed formats. Apparently new 
owner Central Broadcasting, headed by William Macek must have taken over. It 
appears that talk has been dropped and replaced by satellite adult 
contemporary music outside of morning drive, using the slogan "Today's Hits 
and Yesterday's Favorites" (an ABC network?). Longtime WEIM veteran Ray C. 
(Chalifoux) continues to preside over the live morning show.

   I also read in the Fitchburg Sentinel-Enterprise recently that William 
Macek purchased a 47 acre parcel of land adjacent to WEIM's transmitter site 
on Alpine Hill Rd.for a price of $270,000 at an auction held by the city of 
Fitchburg. The city seized the land for non-payment of back taxes by the 
prior owner. Macek says he bought the land with hopes that he can get FCC 
approval for an increase in WEIM's night power, which may require adding one 
or more towers to the current 4 tower array already there. WEIM currently 
operates with 5KW days and 1KW night, DA-2. Although the article doesn't 
say, I'm guessing he will try for 5KW at night. I would guess they would 
have to protect 1280's in Gardiner ME and New York City, plus is there still 
a 50KW on 1280 in Canada, or is that now dark?

Mark Watson 

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