WEIM Format Change

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WADO may have a huge night signal with 7.2 kW, but the pattern is WAY
narrower than the old 5 kW pattern. I suspect that WADO's upgrade may
actually have lowered WEIM's NIF value. If I'm not mistaken, though, WEIM
uses only three towers--not the four that Mark reported--and it appears that
a fourth tower could be added with no new land, producing a narrower
pattern, by removing the center tower of the existing three-tower array and
replacing it with two towers, creating a four-tower in-line array with
2/3 the spacing between towers of the current three-tower setup. That is
exactly what WELI did 40 or more years ago. Now, four-tower in-line arrays,
though quite common, do have their problems. They tend to have high RSS/RMS
ratios, which make for narrow bandwidth and poor stability. A four-tower
rectangle or parallelogram with spacing of approximately half-wave
side-to-side and approximately quarter wave front to back is a clearly
better design but would almost certainly require additional land. I find it
not inconceivable that WEIM could increase to 10 kW-U. With narrow patterns,
that could make it a factor on the northwestern fringes of the Boston market
(in wealthy places like Concord, Lincoln, and Lexington) where it might be
able to compete successfully with WMKI's IBOC sidebands.

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> I don't know how they'd manage to get much usable power on 1280 after
> dark. WADO's night signal out of NYC is huge since their power increase
> a decade or so ago.
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