National Anthem at noon time

Dan Strassberg
Tue Feb 21 07:37:50 EST 2006

CJAD is 10 kW at night and is very directional (north-northwest and
east-southeast). The other three are not very directional and all have
two-tower patterns that are the same day and night, but CKAC should be
stronger to the east-southeast than 690 and 940. 990, which you didn't
mention, is 50 kW-U.but is highly directional at night--mostly to the north
(although there are many patterns on file for this station and no way that I
know of to figure out which are in use). There were several other 50 kW AMs
in Montreal and vicinity but I don't think they are on the air any longer
(850 was 50-kW days only, 1280, 1410, and 1570). The new 1570 is 10 kW.
Comparing reception of AM stations based solely on power may be a fun
passtime for radio geeks, but if you don't know what the patterns look like,
it doesn't make a lot of sense to try.

The FCC AM Query Web page now includes PDFs of the patterns of many AMs but
I don't know whether Canadians are among them. You can download Bob
Carpenter's free (completely free; not shareware) AMSTNS program (do a
google search for AMSTNS). AMSTNS is a DOS app with a graphical interface
that runs in a DOS Window under Windows. The entire download--program and
data--is under 2 Mbytes.

Dan Strassberg,
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> Of the four 50 kw AM signals from Montreal, CINF 690 (the former CBF) and
> CKAC 730 come in the clearest. CJAD 800 can be picked up fairly well
> the day from Waterville south toward Lewiston and Brunswick (less well
> I live, north of Skowhegan).  The signal of CINW, the former CBM AM 940,
> no interference, but it sounds distant and faint.  CKAC, CINF and CINW all
> come in well at night; CJAD does not.
> Am I correct in thinking that CINW is non-directional?
> -Doug
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> > Bob also features a nice Piano version of the National Anthem on his
> WJTO-730 Bath, Maine at 12noon. Last time I was down in Boston, just after
> Christmas, I noticed it was still on WJIB-740.
> >
> > Before semi-local WBYA-105.5 Islesboro/Camden switched from
> Music-of-your-Life to "Frank" last year, they always had the National
> at 12noon.  I don't know if they still do, since the format change..I
> listen  to them anymore.
> >
> > BTW... Did any DXers here pick up Bob  Bittner's DX Test on WJTO-730
> weekend? I got it here,  but man, does that French Talker CKAC Montreal
> blast in down east!
> >
> > Rod O'Connor
> > Southwest Harbor, Maine
> >
> >

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