Wolfe in for Whittemore at WRKO

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 14:17:03 EST 2006

Today's Boston Herald mentions that Jason Wolfe takes over for Brian
Whittemore as WRKO PD. Look under "Touching that dial" in "Inside
Track". (Note: I had posted this to the list with URLs but perhaps
because of the URLs, the email got bounced back to me.)  The Herald
piece describes 'RKO as "struggling"; "ratings doldrums"--I don't have
access to the 25-54
numbers, but I know the 12 + numbers I've read haven't been too bad.

>From what I've gathered, Rush and Howie do well. Not sure about the
morning show, DePetro, Taste of Boston, Savage, etc. Will we see more sports on
'RKO? They do the Celts of course and tonight will have the Beanpot game.

Boston Radio Watch also mentions the change and reproduces the Entercom press

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