Interesting billboard on 495 N in Lawrence

Bill O'Neill
Sat Feb 4 15:04:34 EST 2006

Jeff Lehmann wrote:
> It's true, I took a ride up there myself to see it. Here's a picture:
<harp sfx> Thinking back to WSSH, "Easy favorites of yesterday and 
today" could fly in Boston.

Noble choked the life (and numbers) out of WSSH the day Lerner sold it.  
Lerner's Mike Colby had the stack of liner cards on the console. You 
could mix them up, wander off of them just a bit, etc. Noble arrives and 
the next day the liner cards are bolted together with metal rings and 
pared down, talk-ups gone and no chat into the spots. Subtle changes 
were the end of the back-sell, talk into spots and a verbatim liner out 
and under. With only minimal staffing and playlist changes, IIRC, but it 
was just enough to eat Magic's dust in what seemed to be a short period 
of time.

Clearly there were other market factors in play, but I have filed that 
one under another instance of the entry of vanilla as the flavor of the 
month in big market radio.<harp sfx out> 

Bill O'Neill

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