Interesting billboard on 495 N in Lawrence

Jeff Lehmann
Sat Feb 4 14:48:04 EST 2006

It's true, I took a ride up there myself to see it. Here's a picture:

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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>No Nyquil here - I'm gonna have to take a pic of it...just to reclaim my
>sanity!  Gonna be fun tho - nothing like stopping in the breakdown lane on
>495 South to snap a pic or two.  But what's gotta be done...
>(To quote from the movie Airplane: "I picked the wrong day to quit
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>> > Passing by a billboard this morning on 495 N in Lawrence
>> > shortly after Commonwealth Motors is a VERY old billboard
>> > (probably being prepped for a new billboard) for WSSH 99.5...
>> >
>> Gotta stop taking that Nyquil on the way to work...
>> Brian :-)

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