Some Air America numbers released...

Sat Feb 4 09:08:48 EST 2006

  Donna Halper wrote:

>Where did you get this from?  Bill O'Reilly did a hatchet job piece on Air 
>America last week, filled with the usual lies and half-truths, and these 
>numbers were the charges made by (gasp) a BLOGGER.  As far as I know, 
>neither Mr O'Reilly (who has a long-standing feud with Franken) nor the 
>blogger are privy to Air America financial figures, but I have been told 
>these numbers are not accurate.  Oh and Bill is being just a tiny bit 
>disingenuous, since Rupert Murdoch pays to put O'Reilly's radio show on a 
>number of stations...

But aren't most/all of AAR's hosts also guilty of the same thing...lies and 
half truths?  Same schtik, different viewpoint....both are 100% 
predictable.  Why is it a "hatchet job" when someone attacks AAR, yet when 
they are on the offensive, they're "exposing the truth" or some other 
foolishness?   It takes 2 to have a feud...Franken seems to be just as 
willing to keep it going as O'Reilly.  Does anyone take either of these 
buffoons seriously?

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