Some Air America numbers released...

Dan Strassberg
Sat Feb 4 09:33:11 EST 2006

You'd like to think that, wouldn't you? I've caught errors in statements
made by AAR hosts, but they were of a minor nature (for example, Randi
Rhodes saying that WWL was the AAR affiliate in New Orleans, when, in fact,
the correct station was WSMB, which is co-owned with WWL). For the most
part, statements made on the air by AAR hosts are carefully researched. The
talent and the network management know that the whole media establishment is
out to get them and they are usually very careful to avoid statements that
they cannot defend. Of course, accuracy is no guarantee against successful
attacks by Carl Rove and his disciples. Ask Dan Rather. The substance of his
allegations against Bush was correct but his use of evidence that proved to
be manufactured did him in. There have been allegations that Rove et al were
responsible for manufacturing the evidence that Rather used, but I don't
know whether those charges were proven.

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> But aren't most/all of AAR's hosts also guilty of the same thing...lies
> half truths?  Same schtik, different viewpoint....both are 100%
> predictable.  Why is it a "hatchet job" when someone attacks AAR, yet when
> they are on the offensive, they're "exposing the truth" or some other
> foolishness?   It takes 2 to have a feud...Franken seems to be just as
> willing to keep it going as O'Reilly.  Does anyone take either of these
> buffoons seriously?

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