Gary LaPierre Wraps Up 42 Years At WBZ

Mark Watson
Sun Dec 31 15:18:00 EST 2006

Donna Halper wrote:

> I have a question about Jay McQuaide-- I gather they didn't renew his 
> contract at WBZ.  I know he got another job, but my understanding is that 
> he is out of radio?  Ditto for Flo Jonic, as I recall-- she did some story 
> that the government didn't like (and she turned out to have been 100% 
> accurate) but she was fired or something?

   IIRC, Jay McQuaide went to Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA, I think he's 
their media relations or public relations person. I also recall that he did 
fill in for Gary when he was on vacation, he may have also filled in during 
the times that Gary filled in or Paul Harvey. Jay also did some fill in 
anchor work on WBZ-TV. One wonders if Jay would have been given the morning 
slot had he stayed at BZ.

  Flo Jonic was fired by WBZ after e-mailing several of her co-workers 
claiming that station management withheld her report of security flaws at 
several federal buildings in Boston. Looking back through Scott Fybush's 
NERW archives, I found according to his 2005 year in review that Flo was 
fired in August, Jay left shortly after Flo's firing.

  A search on line brough me to an archived June 2006 Flo Jonic news report 
on WRNI's (1290 Providence/1230 Westerly RI) website. However, she's not 
listed when I clicked on WRNI Staff, so maybe she worked their briefly or 
freelances for them.

Mark Watson

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