Gary LaPierre Wraps Up 42 Years At WBZ

Donna Halper
Sun Dec 31 13:01:52 EST 2006

>Scott wrote--
>Gary filled in for Harvey at least three times that I know of. The 
>first couple of times, ABC paid for Gary to come down to New York 
>and originate the broadcast from the ABC Radio Networks facility on 
>West End Avenue, using Harvey's staff in Chicago to help him write 
>it. I'm guessing Jay McQuaide would have filled in for Gary on BZ 
>those mornings, but no longer recall for certain.

I have a question about Jay McQuaide-- I gather they didn't renew his 
contract at WBZ.  I know he got another job, but my understanding is 
that he is out of radio?  Ditto for Flo Jonic, as I recall-- she did 
some story that the government didn't like (and she turned out to 
have been 100% accurate) but she was fired or something?  I may be 
remembering incorrectly-- I've been sick with bronchitis so I am not 
my usual sweet, charming and alert self.  :)     

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