So many pots, switches, buttons, knobs..what 'dis do?

Larry Weil
Fri Dec 29 00:06:54 EST 2006

At 2:09 PM -0500 12/28/06, Doug Drown wrote:

>Here in Maine, one of Clear Channel's stations, WIGY 97.5 in Madison (sports
>format) frequently has an atrocious sound quality that makes it sound like
>it's broadcasting from inside a galvanized trash can or something.  I've
>asked myself the same question: Does anybody listen to this?  It's hard to
>believe this company has such a "Why bother" attitude about so many of its
>smaller stations.

They probably have one person running a number of stations from the 
same workstation.  They probably only listen to the one they consider 
their main station, and for the others all they are doing is looking 
at an automation screen once in a while.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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