So many pots, switches, buttons, knobs..what 'dis do?

Howard Glazer
Thu Dec 28 12:29:43 EST 2006

I remember WHYN Springfield running a looped rainout announcement starting
at 12:55 one March Sunday afternoon. A spring training game had been
canceled and the announcement told the affiliates that it would not be
rescheduled. It ended with a phone number for station personnel to call for
more information. This tape ran right through the top of the hour, finally
ending around 1:05, when regular bird-feed weekend talk programming resumed.


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> I wonder sometimes about whether Clear Channel has ANY on-site engineers
> producers at its stations.  One of their talk stations in Maine regularly
> used to cut into Howie Carr's last hour with a satellite-driven "closed
> circuit" feed designed to prepare Red Sox affiliates for the evening's
> That was bad enough.  What made it worse was that it sometimes would go on
> for at least a half-hour . . . on a station that wasn't even a Red Sox
> affiliate!  I finally actually called the studio one day (after getting no
> answer during the broadcast) and the person in management with whom I
> responded, "Gee, THAT's not supposed to happen!"  He seemed to have no
> that it already had --- several times.
> -Doug

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