So many pots, switches, buttons, knobs..what 'dis do?

Roger Kirk
Thu Dec 28 20:32:29 EST 2006

I truly believe that far too many people in Radio today consider it 
"just a job" and many of those in management consider a radio station 
just a "way to make money" not an endeavor to bring entertainment or any 
kind of service to people - just a machine that makes money.  Quality is 
not a concern, it simply boils down to: "Does my income exceed my outgo 
or is my upkeep my downfall?"  Very, very discouraging to employees with 
a passion for radio and the desire to "do a good job."  And, if you view 
radio that way, you might as well be selling dirt.

Reminds me of the "xeroxed a million times" pictorial joke featuring 
Charlie Brown (of Peanuts fame) that was posted where I used to work 
(Wang Labs) just a few years before they imploded.

It said "Trying hard to do a good job here is like peeing your pants in 
a dark suit.  It may give you a warm fuzzy feeling, but nobody else 

Doug Drown wrote:
> I wonder sometimes about whether Clear Channel has ANY on-site engineers or
> producers at its stations.  One of their talk stations in Maine regularly
> used to cut into Howie Carr's last hour with a satellite-driven "closed
> circuit" feed designed to prepare Red Sox affiliates for the evening's game.
> That was bad enough.  What made it worse was that it sometimes would go on
> for at least a half-hour . . . on a station that wasn't even a Red Sox
> affiliate!  I finally actually called the studio one day (after getting no
> answer during the broadcast) and the person in management with whom I talked
> responded, "Gee, THAT's not supposed to happen!"  He seemed to have no idea
> that it already had --- several times.
> -Doug

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