So many pots, switches, buttons, knobs..what 'dis do?

Daniel Billings
Thu Dec 28 20:55:22 EST 2006

It is not just the big guys that have these problems.  JJ Jeffrey's Big Jab
sports station is broadcast on three stations, including AM 900 out of
Brunswick.  95.5 and AM 1440 are the main stations and the Brunswick feed is
an after thought.  From time to time, the station is unlistenable.  I'm not
sure how they feed the audio to the station but something happens that makes
the whole station sound like you have slightly tuned out of the station.
One time it went on for days.  I sent an e-mail.  It was fixed the next day.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Doug Drown
> Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 2:10 PM
> Here in Maine, one of Clear Channel's stations, WIGY 97.5 in Madison
> (sports format) frequently has an atrocious sound quality that makes it 
> sound like it's broadcasting from inside a galvanized trash can or 
> something.  I've asked myself the same question: Does anybody listen to
> this?  It's hard tobelieve this company has such a "Why bother" attitude 
> about so many of its smaller stations.

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