WLLH Lowell Transmitter Off The Air 10 Days Now

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Thu Dec 28 17:00:41 EST 2006

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>Subject: WLLH Lowell Transmitter Off The Air 10 Days Now
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>I first noticed the WLLH Lowell transmitter off the air on the 
>afternoon of Monday Dec.18th. 10 days later it is still off the air 
>as of the time of this posting (4:24 PM). The Lawrence transmitter 
>covers Lowell with a usable signal by day, but by night it's buried 
>by the other unlistenable 1400 signals from afar. I would guess 
>maybe there's a major problem with the transmitter, and no spare 
>unit in the shack.

This is at least the third outage of WLLH-AM's Lowell transmitter 
under two owners;  and during the summer of 2005, it lasted
for weeks (this was during the Spanish-language WLLH era, pre-
sporstalk).  It's my observation that the WLLH transmitter in
Lawrence is not at full power because on a few occasions, it was 
subject to interference from overhead transmission lines and faded out under
bridges as close in as parts of Salem, NH and Andover, Mass. I'm
pretty sure that sometime back, WLLH/Lawrence was strong enough
to overcome such interferers.  But you're in Lowell, and are
probably correct that the Lawrence stick is covering that city 
at least during the daylight hours.

Mark Watson

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