Obscure radio trivia

Daniel Billings billings@suscom-maine.net
Fri Dec 22 22:20:54 EST 2006

Dan's quitting story reminds me of when Jeff Dunham left as afternoon host
at WAYU in 1986.  He had given notice because he planned to follow the
Grateful Dead around for the summer.  The Station Manager, Paul Villa, was
wandering around all afternoon during Jeff's last show, expecting Dunham to
pull a stunt on his last day.  Jeff was on his best behavior all afternoon.
He said goodbye and started his last song.  Paul came into the studio, shook
Jeff's hand, and told him he was impressed that he was a professional on his
last day.  Paul then left the studio and Jeff put a chair in front of the
door so Paul couldn't get back in.  Paul got back to his office just in time
to hear the chorus of Jimmy Buffett's Let's Get Drunk (And Screw).  Paul
came back and pounded on the door, but the song played.

I later used it as a farewell song at WAYU and two other stations.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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