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Fri Dec 22 13:54:22 EST 2006

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>A fire on Lisbon Street in Lewiston this week gutted four buildings.  At
> least three of the four are likely to be taken down.
> One of the buildings was the home of 93.9 WAYU and 1240 WCOU when I worked
> there in 1986.  It was my first full-time job in radio and my first
> full-time job anywhere.
> The station moved to Sabattus Street later that year.  The building where
> the station was located there was also recently taken down.

I worked very briefly at WCOU back in late 1974...for a completely insane 
program director named Tom Starr (yes, THAT Tom Starr).  I worked overnites 
and was told to rewrite stories out of the paper.  When I asked when the 
paper was delivered I was told to go out on the street and take one from a 
neighboring doorway...in other words, steal it!  And when I found out the 
station would not provide parking in the winter, when the on-street parking 
ban was iin effect, that sealed the deal.  It was the only job I quit in the 
middle of a shift.  It was oddly enjoyable to listen to the Army Hour as I 
was driving home...then hear the thump, thump as the needle hit the end of 
the record.  Of course, I had called the owner and told him he had about 30 
minutes to get a part-timer in, cause I was history.
Ah, those were the days  :)

Dan Cole 

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