The Air America / WCRB Problem

Bob Nelson
Wed Dec 20 11:58:27 EST 2006

>>the Michael Savage of the left

I don't often listen to him but sometimes I'll put him on for a
moment; on occasion he can
be more mellow and calm, but it's his anger that turns me off--and
turns some listeners ON,
some who applaud it. He is one of the most-listened to hosts
nationally according to that Talkers survey,  but it was recently said
he dropped big-time in the ratings on WRKO
(down 69 per cent, I thought I'd read).

They may keep him on especially since it may be cheap to run that show
(barter, perhaps) but I'd wonder if they'd keep him on come Red Sox
season. Would a different syndicated or, dare we suggest local, host
be around after the Sox games end? Possibly something like
tape delayed Glenn Beck. Beck is now also among the
highest-listened-to shows and
he has a TV connection (CNN Headline News). I wouldn't mind Alan Colmes either
(was briefly on WRKO in that late evening time slot.)

By the way when AAR/prog. talk hosts came out, many liberals probably
felt: At last!
Someone on the radio who can express what WE feel!...Precisely how
many conservatives
probably felt when Rush first came on. (The key,  by the way, is to be
entertaining enough
to attract listeners across the political spectrum, including those
who might be upset
at what the host is saying but still feel he/she is entertaining. If
Schultz, Hartmann,
or Miller can do this--bring moderates or even conservatives in, and
perhaps if another
local station were to give them a try...)

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