The Air America / WCRB Problem

Dan Strassberg
Wed Dec 20 12:52:43 EST 2006

In the case of Boston at this time, I think the key is finding someone
willing to pay a brokered-time station to carry one program--even if the
program has to be taken off the bird locally and put onto a local hard drive
because no feed (live or delayed) is available when the station has an open
time slot. My guess is that a slot might be available overnight on WBIX or

I have no idea what the time would cost, however, or whether either station
would be willing or able to get the program off the bird and onto a hard
drive. If the station took the position that those tasks were the
responsibility of the local program "producer" (that is, the person or
entity that pays for the time), the logistics could turn out to be
(literally) a show stopper. I suppose that if a stream were available on the
Internet (either at the available rebroadcst time or earlier), the logistics
would be easier. Still, it sounds to me like a task that brokered-time
stations consider outside of their area of responsibility. My understanding
is that the producer pays for the time and provides the program material in
a form the station can use with a minimum of effort. Producers who can't
meet those criteria can go somewhere else--if there is such a place.

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> (The key,  by the way, is to be
> entertaining enough
> to attract listeners across the political spectrum, including those
> who might be upset
> at what the host is saying but still feel he/she is entertaining. If
> Schultz, Hartmann,
> or Miller can do this--bring moderates or even conservatives in, and
> perhaps if another
> local station were to give them a try...)

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