The Air America / WCRB Problem

Larry Weil
Wed Dec 20 10:52:46 EST 2006

At 7:02 AM -0500 12/20/06, Dan Strassberg wrote:

>OF COURSE it's subjective, but one comment on this topic that I believe I
>saw on this list seems to me NOT to be subjective: Somebody referred to
>Randi Rhodes as the Rush Limbaugh of the left. I think that nobody who has
>actually listened to Randi, Rush, and Michael Savage could possibly
>characterize Randi as anything but the Michael Savage of the left.

To me, Ed Schultz is the one who I think of, at least style-wise, as 
the Limbaugh of the left.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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