The Air America / WCRB Problem

Dan Strassberg
Wed Dec 20 07:02:43 EST 2006

OF COURSE it's subjective, but one comment on this topic that I believe I
saw on this list seems to me NOT to be subjective: Somebody referred to
Randi Rhodes as the Rush Limbaugh of the left. I think that nobody who has
actually listened to Randi, Rush, and Michael Savage could possibly
characterize Randi as anything but the Michael Savage of the left. It took
me longer to despise Randi than to despise Savage--probably because I agree
with Randi on many issues and I agree with Savage on almost none, but once
the ennui (no, I think abhorrance is a more apt word) set in, the sense of
loathing did not discriminate between left and right.

It is interesting that both Savage and Rhodes grew up in New York City
(Rhodes in Queens, Savage in the Bronx). I also grew up in the Bronx, and
though far from as adapt at polemics as either Savage or Rhodes, I tend to
lapse into that style all too easily. Maybe it just comes naturally to New
Yorkers. Anyhow, for other exiles from the Big Apple, it's worth noting the
negtive reactions that that kind of vitriol produces in people--even people,
like me, who were born into it. Perhaps that realization will spare America
from a Giuliani candidacy in 2008, and if Rudy does become the Republican
presidential candidate, maybe it will spare us from a Giuliani presidency.

Dan Strassberg,
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> I would agree with much of what Barry Cabbage said (I note his email
> address includes
> "Out of the Business", one of Jerry Williams' sayings (as in, I'm
> getting...) I would
> disagree on Ingraham. Yes, like Hannity she can get into her preachy mode
> issues like the war, immigration, abortion, etc., but she is
> entertaining, fast paced,
> and funny. Almost like the conservative version of Stephanie Miller.
> Of course anyone's
> politics can enter into opinions on certain hosts; for everyone who
> says they love
> the humor/entertainment value of a Carr or an Ingraham, there are
> those who would
> say Franken and Rhodes were doing great, entertaining shows, and that
> same person
> would pronounce Carr or Ingraham boring.
> Maybe it's subjective.

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