The Air America / WCRB Problem

Bob Nelson
Wed Dec 20 04:59:52 EST 2006

I would agree with much of what Barry Cabbage said (I note his email
address includes
"Out of the Business", one of Jerry Williams' sayings (as in, I'm
getting...) I would
disagree on Ingraham. Yes, like Hannity she can get into her preachy mode on
issues like the war, immigration, abortion, etc., but she is
entertaining, fast paced,
and funny. Almost like the conservative version of Stephanie Miller.

Of course anyone's
politics can enter into opinions on certain hosts; for everyone who
says they love
the humor/entertainment value of a Carr or an Ingraham, there are
those who would
say Franken and Rhodes were doing great, entertaining shows, and that
same person
would pronounce Carr or Ingraham boring.

Maybe it's subjective.

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