WCRB transition

Brian Vita brian_vita@cssinc.com
Mon Dec 18 09:48:46 EST 2006

Bob Nelson wrote:
> A couple years ago I rented a car and found it had RDS--you'd tune to
> a station like
> WROR and the call letters and name of artist and song would pop up. I
> would think the
> same "artist and song title" technology is what's on some station 
> websites these
> days (for WKLB: Now Playing --Carrie Underwood 'Before He Cheats')
> And some CDs we've gotten at WMWM display the CD artist/title on the
> CD display (only
> a few) when you put it in, etc. The same type of encoding happens (or
> a similar type)
> when I put a CD into my comp. to rip it to the hard drive and then
> transfer cuts to my
> mp3 player; song title and artist comes up first on the software I
> use, and then of course
> on the mp3 player too.
Actually most automation software systems, including the upgraded 
version of WMWM's have an output to send to a RDS encoder box that is 
inserted into the transmitter chain.  It would take that info and 
transmit it along with our audio.  In the case where we're live and not 
using the computer, it would either transmit station calls, a positioner 
or simply nothing.  I believe that the system transmits several fields, 
some static (ie station calls/positioner) and some dynamic 
(song/artist/traffic/weather/commercial tag line - "Call ANdrew 8-8000").

The bigger question in the case of WMWM is how many of our listeners 
have RDS capable radios?  WMWM has listeners?

Brian Vita

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