Coverage - 99.5 vs. 102.5 which is "better"?

Jeff Lehmann
Sun Dec 3 16:41:20 EST 2006

WKLB has been IDing between commercials before the top of the hour, usually
around :55. They've been doing this for the past couple years on 99.5, and
continue to do the same on 102.5.

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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> On 2 Dec 2006 at 13:14, Lee Walus wrote:
> > Using a cheap Coby portable receiver, I was unable to pickup WCRB 99.5
> > at all in Kendall Square Cambridge. This may be due to the tall
> > buildings and intermodulation distortion but perhaps these coverage
> > maps are somewhat misleading.
> Yesterday I drove out to Amherst for the UMass-New Hampshire football
> game and noted that WCRB 99.5 was a clear signal past Worcester.  It
> started to break up around Sturbridge and was unuseable by the time I
> reached the Route 84 exit.  WKLB 102.5 continued to be listenable
> awhile longer.  It started to breakup at the first Brimfield border-
> crossing and was gone by the time I hit the Palmer line.
> I didn't hear any legal ID at all on WKLB either around the noon or
> the 1:00 hour.  Maybe a hastily-whispered ID just didn't come
> through.  Just before the switch, they ID'd clearly as "WKLB-FM
> Lowell-Boston"  I don't know why they shouldn't be just as open about
> IDing as "WKLB-FM Waltham-Boston."
> Yesterday morning, before I left, I saw another TV ad about the
> switch.  This time, Keith Lockhart said that WCRB "has moved" as he
> picked up the Bose radio and moved it.  This was followed by the
> Hallelujah Chorus -- appropriate, since that was also the first piece
> played by WCRB on 99.5.
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