[B-R-I] Re: And the flip has happened...

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 15:40:08 EST 2006

Our esteemed legal counselor for the electromagnetic arts
and sciences advised,

 > Apparently the call-letter change was approved in time by
 > the FCC.
 > No whispering of the other call letters.  WKLB gave a last
 > "WKLB-FM Lowell Boston" ID a few minutes before the flip.
 > WCRB gave a "WCRB Lowell Boston" ID shortly after the flip.
 > Neither WCRB nor WKLB gave a legal ID on 102.5 around noon,
 > before or after the flip.

Well, I queried their FCC files sometime in midday and, clicking their 
"Call Sign Changes", both had officially changed as of "12/01/2006".
Like good, attentive doobies, 99.5 gave a proper "WCRB Lowell-Boston" 
TOH-ID throughout the remainder of the day.
However, 102.5 gave a fast "WCRB-Waltham-Boston" thoughout the afternoon 
and evening!!!  Just for Igo, Harder and Berry (what first name do they 
have in common? P=), I gave the studio a ring after midnight——at their 
*NEW* toll-free number: 888-819-1025——and was told that the new ID was 
pressed into service as of midnight (which I subsequently confirmed: 
Now it's a semi-fast "WKLB-FM-Waltham-Boston"!).
So it seems, yesterday——on-air——there were two WCRBs and no WKLB!  P=)


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