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>Laurence Glavin wrote:
> In an odd coincidence, Richard L. Kaye, longtime Vice President 
> of Charles River
> Broadcasting, and WCRB when it was a REAL classical music 
> station, died Wednesday,
> November 29th. I wouldn't be surprised if he supervised 
> the installation of the horizontal-only
> FM antenna on one of the WCRB-AM sticks.
>Way to put "horizontal" and "died" in the same post. Horizontal. I 
get it. 

No no no no no! No pun was intended (for once)!
For a few years after WCRB-FM moved its transmitter to the
then WBZ-TV tower, those horizontal bays were visible from 
Route 128 on the AM tower, possibly as an auxiliary antenna...
and horizontal bays were the only antenna in use then.
I remember  some readily visible horizontal bays then:
WGHJ-FM 93.7 on a stick next to the WCCM-AM antenna
(I often wondered why they didn't attach them to the WCCM
tower...it was then a 3-legged self-supporting tower, could
just two FM bays have presented too much windload?);
the horizontal bays on the flagpole section of the WHAV-AM 1490
the WERS antenna atop 130 Beacon Street.


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