Ric Werme ewerme@comcast.net
Fri Dec 1 19:03:32 EST 2006

Laurence Glavin wrote:
> In an odd coincidence, Richard L. Kaye, longtime Vice President of
> Charles River Broadcasting, and WCRB when it was a REAL classical
> music station, died Wednesday, November 29th.

I lost track of him and his great "WCRB Saturday Night" program after moving
out of convenient range of WCRB.  I had assumed he had died years ago.

I only met him a couple times, once at one of my few visits to Tanglewood
for a Crofut and Luxon concert (and a BSO concert).  Crofut and Luxon
is my all-time favorite find from "Saturday Night."  (Bill Crofut died several
years ago.  He was a folk singer who learned banjo from Pete Seeger, Ben
Luxon is an operatic singer.  They met in a pub in Germany and found they
were both interested in how folk songs changed between England and the

Larry Lovering will appreciate that I also enjoyed the WCLV connections
as I grew up 25 miles east of Cleveland.  One of the first WCLV segments
included the ads, it was nice hearing some of the old familiar advertisers.

Thank you for the post - I would have missed the obit otherwise.

	-Ric Werme

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