Roll Drive? (Was:Re: I Need a HUGE Favour)
Thu Aug 24 05:50:55 EDT 2006

roger chided:

> Aw C'mon Chuck, join us the 21st century and get a TIVO.
> The newest model allows recording two shows simultaneously
> or recording one show while watching Live TV.
> TiVo has SO many more features than a VCR e.g. Wish List,
> Rrecord New Shows Only, Show-Dependent Record Quality, 
> Remote Control Over The Internet, etc.
> Even my wife loves TiVo and she's a self-admitted Luddite most 
> of the time.

roger - the upside to my use of the still-working vcr's is that 
they're paid for.
no fees, no subscription.  tapes are still cheap enough that i buy a 6-
pack at
the start of each fall season and they get me through.

and i'm far from a techno-phobe.  i'm one of the better-versed staffers
here in portland when it comes to the latest digital production 
i used to think that the SAW audio program was great, but the Mac-based
ProTools is simply incredible - it can handle audio AND video.

also - i've never seen anyone share a "tivo'd" copy of a missed 
episode of
a show.  matter of fact, i taped the 6-hour "Brotherhood" marathon on 
and the tape is already making the rounds here in the building as the 
features comic-slash-radio fill-in host (WROR) Tony V in a recurring 
role as a cop.  (very well done and he's still damn funny)

with colleges to pay for (one just graduated, one starts BC next week, 
and one
still to come), i gotta maximize my non-Imus/Stern-like radio salary.

- - chuck igo

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