Roll Drive? (Was:Re: I Need a HUGE Favour)

Wed Aug 23 20:57:22 EDT 2006

Aw C'mon Chuck, join us the 21st century and get a TIVO.
The newest model allows recording two shows simultaneously
or recording one show while watching Live TV.

TiVo has SO many more features than a VCR e.g. Wish List,
Rrecord New Shows Only, Show-Dependent Record Quality, 
Remote Control Over The Internet, etc.

Even my wife loves TiVo and she's a self-admitted Luddite most 
of the time.

Roger (who colorizes his beard, too) Kirk

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From: "Chuck Igo" <>
Date:  Wed, 23 Aug 2006 18:18:57 -0400

>Coop asked:
>>> Interesting question... Who on here still has a VCR
>and who uses a DVR/TiVo? <<
>the vcrs (5 in all) are still functioning and paid for.  and until they're 
>obsolete, i'll use 'em and watch 'em in "low def," much in the same way 
>analog am skips at 0245 still have a way to make the commute to work 
>- - chuck (colorizes his beard) igo 

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