Opie and Anthony on 87.9

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> On 8/11/06, Shaun Hayes <hishaun@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Do XM and Serius provide transmitters that operate on this frequency?
> > Or was it an after-market device?
> Who knows...I have a couple Belkin FM re-transmitters. One does 88.1,
> 88.3, 88.5,
> and 88.7 only while the other (which doesn't work too well because I
> dropped it a few
> times!) works from 88.1 to 107.9, but NOT after or before those
> frequencies. Whether
> XM or Sirius makes some that go below 88.1, I don't know.

Sirius has (had?) a unit that transmitted on 87.9. AFAIK, all of XM's units,
though too powerful for the FCC's tastes, have 88.1 as their lower limit.

Some interesting discussion going on on the various sat-radio fan boards
about who might be responsible for the violations, who might have to take
the fall, and what penalties XM and Sirius, their hardware partners, and
their executives might face. Is it more likely that the manufacturers of the
noncompliant equipment "souped up" the transmitters in hopes of impressing
the sat-radio execs and figured they could slip the excess radiation past
the FCC? Or  is it more likely that XM and/or Sirius execs nudged the
manufacturers to push the envelope as far as possible?


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