Opie and Anthony on 87.9

Shaun Hayes hishaun@hotmail.com
Fri Aug 11 14:54:39 EDT 2006

Do XM and Serius provide transmitters that operate on this frequency?
Or was it an after-market device?

It's hard to believe statellite broadcasters would court FCC displeasure
with this sort of out-of-band activity.

>From Part 15:

                     Subpart C_Intentional Radiators

          Sec. 15.239  Operation in the band 88-108 MHz.

              (a) Emissions from the intentional radiator shall be confined 
          a band 200 kHz wide centered on the operating frequency. The 200 
          band shall lie wholly within the frequency range of 88-108 MHz.

>From: "Bob Nelson" <raccoonradio@gmail.com>
>To: "John Francini" 
>Subject: Re: Howard Stern Over WMBR
>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 13:40:10 -0400
>This morning on I-91 just outside of Chicopee I heard what sounded
>like Opie and Anthony on 87.9 FM. There was a truck near me and I
>slowed down and noticed the signal fading as the truck went past me.
>More than a bit of profanity of course. Hey, it's satellite radio,
>this stuff isn't going out on broadcast! Well, it isn't unless you're
>next to a car with a mini-FM transmitter...

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