Opie and Anthony on 87.9

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 21:41:17 EDT 2006

On 8/11/06, Shaun Hayes <hishaun@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Do XM and Serius provide transmitters that operate on this frequency?
> Or was it an after-market device?

Who knows...I have a couple Belkin FM re-transmitters. One does 88.1,
88.3, 88.5,
and 88.7 only while the other (which doesn't work too well because I
dropped it a few
times!) works from 88.1 to 107.9, but NOT after or before those
frequencies. Whether
XM or Sirius makes some that go below 88.1, I don't know.

While up in Vermont (Winooski to be exact) I was stopped at a light
and spun the dial a bit--someone was
rebroadcasting ESPN Radio via XM (there were XM promos) on 88.5...once again,
when the nearby car moved bit further away, I lost the signal.

I actually had the Belkin device with me and did an experiment: got
out of car and walked around with a portable tape deck, and a small
Walkman. It was tough to broadcast on those frequencies, as there was
already an NPR-type station on 88.1; 88.7 was WWPV
from nearby St. Michael's, and 88.3 was WXLU from Peru, NY...88.5 was
the only one the really worked for me and even that was tough to do.
So you have a device which only offers 4 possible frequencies are 3
are already being used...

A page on radio-locator.com has a search for "open FM frequencies":
"Do you have a satellite radio or MP3 player that transmits sound to
your car radio or home stereo?
There are many great audio gadgets available today that include a
small FM transmitter and work by sending a signal to any nearby radio
that's tuned to its frequency....You can use this page to find vacant
frequencies in your area that are best suited for use with your audio

Using the search I typed in Beverly, MA's ZIP code and found that
87.9, 96.3, 97.9,
and 101.3 were best bets. Others, like 90.1 and 89.3, were also named.
"Before transmitting on an FM frequency, always check to see if the
channel is truly vacant by listening with an FM radio."

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