Interesting radio sighting along the NY Thruway...

Mark Watson
Mon Apr 24 16:20:20 EDT 2006

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Subject: Interesting radio sighting along the NY Thruway...
Matt Osborne wrote:

> While traveling home from Poughkeepsie Saturday night
> along the NYS Thruway, I stopped at a rest area and
> noticed something interesting that didn't hit me right
> away.  There was a bus stopped there that was
> emblazoned with the 98.1 CHOI Radio X logo (CHOI
> Quebec City, which nearly lost its broadcast license
> recently) on both sides and the back.

    Depending on the type of bus, if it was a motorcoach, which is more 
comfortable in terms of seating and also designed for longer trips, it may 
have been on a private trip or charter as it's called in the bus industry, 
and CHOI may have paid the bus company to advertise on this bus. If it was a 
city or transit bus, it may have been on it's way to or from a bus 
manufacturer (there is one in NY State that makes transit buses) although I 
don't believe buses leave the factory wrapped in an advertisement.

   And to elaborate a bit on John Francicn's reply, radio stations, TV 
stations, and other businesses advertise on buses with "wraps" (whole bus 
ads) not just in Boston but in other areas. A couple of years ago while 
visiting Burlington VT I saw a city transit bus wrapped for WOKO, the top 
rated country station in the market.

Mark Watson 

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