Interesting radio sighting along the NY Thruway...

A. Joseph Ross
Tue Apr 25 00:23:17 EDT 2006

On 24 Apr 2006 at 11:14, Matthew Osborne wrote:

> While traveling home from Poughkeepsie Saturday night along the NYS
> Thruway, I stopped at a rest area and noticed something interesting
> that didn't hit me right away.  There was a bus stopped there that
> was emblazoned with the 98.1 CHOI Radio X logo (CHOI Quebec City,
> which nearly lost its broadcast license recently) on both sides and
> the back.  

Why did CHOI almost lose its license?  What happened?

> Also, what makes this even more interesting is that Quebec City,
> IIRC, is *not* considered one of the major broadcast markets in
> Canada, so if CHOI does, in fact, own their own bus, their station
> revenues must be absolutely astronomical. 

Then again, there are probably a lot fewer stations in that market, 
and they're probably a lot more listenable than the cookie-cutter 
corporate-run stations in the US.

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