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> There's a great feature about the impending end of WCRB classical
> music in this week's TAB, with three separate articles.
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The link only provided one piece of text, the others didn't work.
The comment that critics of WCRB's descent into the current severely
dumbed-down pseudo-classical diet espoused a dozen years ago want in 
its place the kind of programming that would appeal mainly to
holders of PhD's in musicolgy.  WRONG!  With some flaws, KING-FM
in Seattle, a market similar to Boston, gets  a 12-and-over rating 
comparable or at time greater than WCRB's, this in a market with a 
so-called "smooth-jazz" station.  KING-FM has offers a varied palette
of music including 20th-Century music that sounds like it and
vocal music including motets and cantatas as well as commercial
recordings of opera outside of the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts
which it carries at 10:30 am!  From a perusal of its playlists
it commits the sin of excerpts from longer works, principally
during the daytime hours...in every instance there's an
orchestral work of the same duration that could and should be
played.  But so far, they don't overplay 18th and early 19th
Century music by obscure and forgotten (deservedly so) composers.
If you don't know much about classical music, you wouldn't
know that Tartini, Telemann and Gluck were reputable composers
of that period, while Rathgeber, Pla and Pisendel among others
aren't...yet the latter are frequently played on WCRB and
the WCN affiliates all the time.  Bad idea.  The man who goes
by the name "Ray Brown"  either isn't aware of this
or even WCRB's own history pre-Mario Mazza, or he's deliberately
covering up for station "management". 


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