News on WKOXKS

Doug Drown
Sun Apr 2 15:36:01 EDT 2006

WVOM, the CC station in Bangor, used to carry ABC on the hour and the CC
updates at each quarter hour. That all stopped when the station became a Fox

Are there CC stations that carry nothing but CC news?

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> I'm in Fla.  right now and noticed the CC national news updates on one of
the stations here. It was made to sound local but isn't.
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> >We were having a conversation a week or so ago about the newscasts on
> >WKOX/WXKS.  I've been noticing the news headlines on the half hour
> >lately, and they don't identify their origin.  They just start with
> >"I'm Mike McGregor and here's what's happening" and end with
> >something like "That's the news, I'm Mike McGregor."
> Those half hour casts are the Clear Channel newscasts.  Top of the hour
> with a bell sounder, those are from Air America.
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