Severino absent again (WTKK)

Paul B. Currier
Wed Sep 28 07:49:11 EDT 2005

I don't understand the rumored Severio to 'BZ - is BZ/Infinity unhappy with
either of their night timers both of whom I enjoy very much?  Any further
info on this?


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Subject: Severino absent again (WTKK)

> Jim Severino, heard as "Jay Severin" on WTKK, got a new job the other
> day--doing a weekday talk show for Infinity, "Jay Severin Has Issues",
> which will start in January. No word yet on what station will carry
> it, though; Severin's contract with Greater Media expires at the end
> of the year. WTKK is the affiliate for Westwood One/Infinity shows,
> but would WBZ run Severin?
> Or maybe even WRKO? (They could tape delay him and put him on at 10 pm
> after live
> Howie Carr and slightly tape-delayed Savage.)
> Meanwhile, the Globe's Scot Lehigh attacked Severin for a "phony
> Pulitzer" claim in his
> Friday column and Severin was made fun of by Howie Carr that day.
> Severin himself
> was absent from his show Friday (live Hannity aired instead). Surely
> he could talk about all this today, right? Nope--Hannity's on again.
> Hmm.

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